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NLP Practitioner Recommended Books

This page is a list of recommended books and readings for the NLP Practitioner Certificate Course offered by Standing in Spirit. Some of the readings have been written specifically for this course and are available on this website. Others are references to classic works in the field of NLP that you will enjoy and benefit from.


  1. Turtles All the Way Down: Prerequisites to personal genius
    by Judith DeLozier and John Grinder
    ISNB: 1555520227
  2. My Lessons With Kumi: How I Learned to perform with confidence in life and work
    by Michael Colgrass
    2000 Moab, Utah: Real People Press
    ISBN: 0911226400
  3. The Structure of Magic Volume I
    Richard Bandler & John Grinder
    Science & Behavior Books (1975/06)
    ISBN-13: 978-0831400446
  4. The Structure of Magic Volume II
    Richard Bandler & John Grinder
    Science & Behavior Books (1975/08)
    ISBN-13: 978-0831400491
  5. Frogs into Princes
    Richard Bandler & John Grinder
  6. Coaching With NLP: How to Be a Master Coach
    Joseph O’Connor
    Element Books Ltd (2004/07)
    ISBN-13: 978-0007151226
  7. NLP: The New Technology of Achievement
    Edited by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner
    Publisher: 1996 Quill; Reprint edition
    ISBN: 0688146198
  8. Joseph O’Connor

    Nlp Workbook: A Practical Guide to Achieving the Results You Want

  9. Richard Bandler’s Guide to Trance-Formation: Make Your Life Great. (Book & DVD)
    Richard Bandler


Modeling Modeling
by Steve Andreas
Putting The “Neuro” Back Into NLP
Dr Richard Bolstad

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