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Review: Heart of the Mind

This is the first book that I purchased for my new Kindle and it was an interesting experience reading on the screen rather than in paper form. I found myself wanting to jump back to the contents continually and being unable to do it easily with the Kindle. Another drawbook is that it isn’t really clear how much of the book or the current chapter remains unread. Although there is a progress bar which shows the percentage you have read through the book and the remaining number of electronic pages, it is certainly not as intuitive as feeling the pages. Still, the ease of carrying the Kindle everywhere is definitely a great feature and it allowed me to read this book much more quickly than if I were relying on the paper version.
And onto the review of the book (rather than the Kindle)…
The content of this book is best described by listing the actual chapter titles which are precise descriptions of each chapter.

  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Learning to spell
  • Becoming more independent
  • Healing traumas
  • Eliminating allergic responses
  • Responding resourcefully to criticism
  • Parenting positively
  • Asserting yourself respectfully
  • Resolving grief
  • The naturally slender eating strategy
  • Resolving internal conflict
  • Recovering from shame
  • Positive motivation
  • Making decisions
  • Dealing with disaster
  • Intimacy, safety, and violence
  • Personal timelines
  • Engaging your body’s natural ability to heal
  • Knowing what you want

These chapter titles read like a list of NLP applications and do highlight that this book is very much about applied NLP rather than a theoretical approach. Each chapter has several clearly described case studies which illustrate how the authors were able to help the people in that particular area.
Most chapters also give clear instructions for carrying out the relevant processes and even someone who was unfamiliar with NLP could gain a lot from following the instructions.
What I enjoyed most about this book were the case studies which gave much fuller insight into the realities of using NLP processes than most NLP books. I also enjoyed the authors’ honesty in admitting their own failures as well as their own successes, and how these failures eventually led to success by causing a rethink.

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