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Review: Richard Bandler, Live at the Barbazon

This audio program is an old Richard Bandler session recorded live in New York in the early 1990’s. The image pictured here seems to be the original packaging and the CD package is on sale from Excel Quest.

Bandler was on top form on this occasion as he presents an introduction to DHE (Design Human Engineering). In Bandler’s terminology, NLP is about replication (modeling) while DHE is about creation, and the constantly repeated theme in this program is that “evolution is not over.”
Bandler could probably have made a living as a stand-up comic if he hadn’t gone into the worlds of therapy, self-help and all the other worlds that he has entered. He weaves a series of very tall stories about his own experiences together with his pragmatic philosophy and very effective exercises. One of his stories involves helping a schizophrenic patient by projecting a 150 feet-high image of Jesus on clouds using lasers and accompanying the image with a message from our Good Lord over Marshall amps. While his stories are not altogether believable, Bandler is a larger-than-life character and it is clear that the stories are carrying important messages for people who want change in their life. Bandler is a fine communicator at many levels, simultaneously crafting his stories and commentary to the conscious and unconscious minds, and to people with very different needs.
The practical exercises of DHE can be mainly seen as extensions of his earlier work in submodalities. Notice where a good feeling begins and where it exits the body; Then recycle the feeling from the exit point back into the place where it begins and let it grow. Or explore the effects that a drug had on your body and learn how to replicate those effects without the drug. These are simple concepts, but they work. Unlike Robert Dilts, Michael Hall, and others in NLP who provide valuable analytical frameworks for NLP, Bandler is all about the practical business of getting good feelings right now. Both approaches are definitely useful, but listening to a very funny and charismatic Bandler this evening was certainly a whole lot of fun.

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