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Overweight girl And Little Sister

Now … a thirteen year old girl that weighs 230 pounds and she has a nine year old sister that weighs 75 pounds. She’s been overweight since age two . . . obese. She also had a compulsion to follow this little sister everywhere— was afraid the sister was going to be killed. The mother is overweight but she looks slender compared to the daughter. The father looks great. And there is now a six month old baby daughter. The girl is thirteen and her parents have told her all the facts about being overweight. Now what about dying? She knows them all, but you know, death never comes to OUR house … it is always the other fellow. And I know that any one of you could die in a traffic accident today. If you approached all the people that were going to die in traffic accidents in Arizona by January 1st and TOLD them, “by the end of the year, you’ll be dead by a traffic accident”, they wouldn’t believe it could happen to them … it always happens to the OTHER fellow. Now that girl knows she isn’t going to die. She ISN’T going to get high blood pressure. And she follows her kid sister, she’s afraid something may happen to her kid sister. So you tell her, “Now you are NOT an elephant. An elephant can run very fast. Someone who’s human and very fat, they can’t run fast. And you ought to KNOW that. And you could tire very easily. And your kid sister can climb a mountain much more easily than YOU CAN, and so you say you’re WORRIED about your sister … I think you OUGHT to be. ‘Cause you’re in NO shape to look after her! You have to be able to move RAPIDLY to take care of her!” So you approach that girl and her weight through her sister … and she’s got plenty of ground to worry about, ’cause she can’t be on hand to protect her sister . . . she’s got to be in shape. And I gave her a specious goal—VERY specious—that will be acceptable, and when she discovers the charm of having an improved figure you make an appeal to her self image.

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