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The Rose

Once upon a time, there was a rose that longed to meet some bees. Because as you know, roses and bees have a special relationship. But although the rose dreamed day and night about the bees, no bee ever came to see her or to rest upon her petals. Yet, the rose continued to dream, always in hope, that one day a bee would come to her. Even during the long nights, she imagined a sky-full of bees, all gazing down upon her, and some of those bees coming to kiss her. And it was perhaps only this hope that kept her alive and helped her to last until the next day when the sun came again and she opened up her beautiful blossoms.
On one of these nights, the moon (who had seen her longings for many a long night) spoke to her and said, “You must be so tired of waiting – would it not be easier for you to just give up?”
“Oh yes, I am so tired and so lonely,” said the Rose, “but I will keep trying and trying.”
The moon laughed in an unpleasant way and said, “Why bother?”
And the rose answered, “Because if I don’t remain open, I will simply fade away.”

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