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Harvard Students

There were only two real differences between Harvard students and students at much lower-level universities. First, the Harvard students had a very strong self-belief. They really believed in themselves, and when they made a mistake, they simply tried again and learned from the mistake. Second, the Harvard students were willing to ask questions. Sometimes, they asked questions to the teacher; sometimes they asked questions to other students; sometimes they asked questions of the Internet or textbook; and sometimes they just asked questions to themselves. And it’s interesting, when you ask a question, you often get an answer. In Japanese, there is an expression: Kikinu ha issho no haji. In other words, if you don’t ask, you will never know and you will be ashamed all your life. So it’s good to ask questions, isn’t it? And maybe those wonderful students at Harvard were really following Japanese tradition. And if they can follow Japanese tradition, it’s much easier for you, isn’t it … to become a wonderful student, I mean.

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