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The story of the little hummingbird!

The rainforest of Brazil is a beautifull forest. It is an important forest too, as it keeps the world in an ecological sound balance, providing a.o. the oxigen the humans and animals so desperately need.
One day there is a big fire in the forest and all the animals instinctively flee. And so does the hummingbird. At least…. That is how it looks like.
But if you were to fly over that area, you would see the little hummingbird flying from the fire to a little lake. Diving into the lake, taking a drop of water in his beak and flying back to the fire dropping this drop of water upon the fire.
And over and over again he flies back and forth with this little drop of water in his beak to drop it on the fire.
Another little animal, who from time to time stops to check and look around whether he is still going in the right direction, sees the hummingbird and wonders what it is doing.
At some point both the animals are taking a short rest, and they found themselves on the same spot.
So the little animal looks at the hummingbird saying: I see you flying back and forth. I don’t understand, you could have been out of here a long time ago. What are you doing?
The little hummingbird looking at the animal says simply: ‘I am doing my part’

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