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Identifying and Transferring Extra-Curricular Skills to Language Learning

On October 29, I will be doing a presentation at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan which examines some of our recent research into the potential of NLP for education, in particularly language learning. The title of the presentation is: Identifying and Transferring Extra-Curricular Skills to Language Learning, and as can be identified from the title it draws on NLP ideas of modelling. The theme of the conference is “Realizing Autonomy” for language learners, and strategy development and NLP modelling are clearly powerful resources for understanding areas and helping learners to reach their full potential. You can download the handout for the presentation which draws on many of our learnings from presenting the same research at a conference earlier in the year. The handout is quite extensive (7 pages) as there will probably not be enough time within the presentation to explain the data completely and it is nice to allow the participants to read it later.

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