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My Wife Loved Flowers

Can you help me?” the man asked. He’d bought some heavy bags of soil & couldn’t lift them. “Sure,” I said & began putting the bags in his car. As I was doing this he says, “my wife passed away. She loved flowers.” I turn & look at him. He has the most beautiful smile. “Which flower was her favorite?” I ask. “All of them,” he says. His smile is radiant. Then, he touches my shoulder & asks “How are you doing these days?” I’ve never seen this guy before in my life. “Me? I’m doing good,” I say. “Well, it’s a beautiful world. Have fun everyday,” he says. Then he gets in his car, waves, & drives off. I get into my car & sit there for a minute. Then, I burst into tears. Later, out in my garden this enormous happiness come over me. Here’s the question: Who showed who compassion? Today, give -and- receive. Galatians 6:2 ‪#‎Lent2014‬ ‪#‎Day25‬

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