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“How are the children?”

Among the many accomplished and fabled tribes of Africa, no tribe was considered to have warriors more fearsome or more intelligent than the mighty Masai. It is perhaps surprising then to learn the traditional greeting that passed between Masai warriors. “Kasserian ingera”, one would always say to another. It means “How are the children?”
It is still traditional greeting among Masai, acknowledging the high value that the Masai place on their children’s well-being. Even warriors with no children of their own would always give the traditional answer, “All children are well”.
This meant, of course, that peace and safety prevail; that priorities of protecting the young and the powerless are in place; that the Masai people have not forgotten their reason for being, their proper function, and their responsibilities. “All children are well” denotes that life is good and that the daily struggles of existence, even among a poor people, include the proper care of the young and defenseless.

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