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Improving Children's Memory

Children have short memories and I’ll tell you how to teach children to have good memories. My son Robert one evening announced that he was big enough, old enough, strong enough to take out the garbage. I expressed my doubts, he assured me he WAS big enough, strong enough. I said he might forget, he assured me he wouldn’t. I said, “All right beginning Monday you can do it.” So Monday night he took it out, Tuesday night he took it out and Wednesday night he forgot. So I reminded him on Thursday he apologized for forgetting on Wednesday —took it out Thursday night but forgot it Friday and Saturday. It just happened that early on Sunday morning at 3 A.M. I awakened. I had been very good to Robert—I had let him stay up till past one o’clock. I had awakened at three o’clock. I had wakened Robert apologized very profusely for not having reminded him for taking out the garbage—would he please dress, take out the garbage. So Robert with many unknown thoughts sighed deeply— dressed—took out the garbage. Came back in got out of his clothes into his pajamas into bed. I waited till he was very sound asleep—I awakened him—apologized very sincerely, very profusely, explaining I didn’t know how that one piece of garbage got overlooked. Robert made a more extensive minute search of the kitchen took that piece of garbage out to the garbage pail walked back to ,the house slowly. I was watching through the curtained window. He reached the back porch turned and ran out the alley and kicked off the cover off the garbage can. He came in and thoughtfully undressed into his pajamas. I never again had to remind him. I’ve pulled that trick on all my kids, eight kids got similar memory lessons. That’s a nice way to improve your memory.

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