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The Princess and the Toad

There was a lovely princess who kept harming herself. She was not sure why she did it but found it hard to stop for long. One day she decided she’d had enough. She turned the hurtful activity into an ugly toad and banished it to a cave at the bottom of the sea. The toad tried to climb out but she fixed it with a terrible stare and it was locked in the cave as if there were steel railings barring the exit. Day by day the princess grew stronger, healthier and more beautiful. To begin with she thought about the toad but the image of him became paler and paler. Eventually she hardly gave him a second thought. She was powerful and fit. She had no pain and no stress. The toad became smaller each day, his lumpy skin became smooth and he was like a harmless, pale slug. He could never harm the princess again. THE END

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