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You are Here

Then there was John. John met everybody who came on the ward. He pestered the nurses explaining, “I’m locked up here for no reason at all. I don’t belong here.” So I instructed the entire ward personnel everytime he says “I don’t belong here,” I said, “reply to him simply ‘But you are here’.” After about six months of always getting that same reply John said, “I KNOW I’M HERE!!” The ward personnel reported this to me and I went to him and he said, “I don’t belong here”, and I said, “But you are here.” He said, “I know I’m here.” I said, “That’s right you are here. Now that you are here what do you want to do about LEAVING here?” Within nine months he was discharged, got a job as a manual laborer and started putting his sister through college and contributing to the support of the family. Having no psychotherapy other than, “You ARE here.” Forcing a patient to recognize where they are at and meeting them there and then bridging the gap to the future is a very important thing.

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