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Easter Island

Most people have heard of the Easter Island statues – the huge mysterious heads carved out of stone that stand on a remote island. Such power and mystery in those heads. There are hundreds of these statues, some standing over 30 feet tall and weighing several tons.
There are all sorts of theories about why and how they were conducted. Because the making and movement of these statues must have required the cooperation of all of the people on the island, the people probably believed that their gods required them to build these statues.
They carved the statues out of a volcano and then dragged them long distances. Many of the statues were abandoned along the way, but others succeeded in bringing the statues all the way to the desired destination. Of course, some people believe that aliens or some other force were involved, but really when people decide to do something, no matter how difficult it may seem at first, they really have all the resources that they need to succeed.
Recently, scientists have discovered something amazing. Although outside visitors have been able to see the heads since the island was discovered by a Dutchman in 1722, nobody realized something very important until quite recently. Below the head is a body! And that body is really important. Each head on Easter Island has a huge body underneath it, and archaeologists and other scientists are now beginning to understand that there are many important symbols and meanings within those bodies.
Even though the people buried their bodies, at some level, they realized that their bodies were really important and were sending out messages and maybe even receiving messages from outer space or the gods.
The heads look out upon the strange sights of the world, noticing so much, yet in a way, they are not connected or complete without the forgotten bodies.These bodies also store many important meanings.
They store many of the beliefs and values that these people considered to be important in the form of carved symbols. Now that we know that there are bodies below the heads, we can get extended cognition … of the world … and thinking of these people.
The feast of Easter is a celebration of rising from the dead, and it’s interesting to see these bodies and all the beliefs and values that were hidden for so long … come to life again.

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