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NLP Research Links

Research Databases and Websites

  • NLP Research Database 
  • Inspiritive (seems to be not updated after 2006)
  • A University of Surrey NLP Research database
  • The Wikipedia page on NLP. I talked to a guy involved with Wikipedia and he mentioned that this page is the site of lots of conflict. I also talked to Steve Andreas, one of the most respected figures in NLP. Steve tried many times to create a more balanced page, but seems to have given up now. It’s a pity because Wikipedia is the first page that many people see when they search for NLP.

Some useful books

Links are to Amazon

  • Bolstad, R. (2002). Resolve. Crown House Pub.

2 replies on “NLP Research Links”

I totally agree that the Wikipedia page is an misleading and clear smear campaign by academics. I can understand why Steve would have abandoned trying to fix it though. NLP isn’t about that anyways.
The spirit of NLP is about doing what works not arguing about what doesn’t.
That’s a complete waste of time.
Thanks for the research database link 🙂

Thanks Joseph. Enjoy the research database. I’m working on a few NLP-related education research projects which will hopefully be going in there soon.

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