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The Rope of Time

A 12 year old wishes to become a teenager because “they have more fun” and in response to his wish a Wizard gives him a rope which, when he pulls it, makes him older. One pull and he’s a teenager but sadly finds he also has spots. Wanting to avoid the comments of his peers he pulls again but a bit too hard and finds he is now in his early 20’s, married and with a child. They are struggling financially but he knows better times are ahead and pulls again. Late 20’s he has promotion but is not happy with his new job so another pull takes him to being a Manager, a good career time and the money side is easier. The problems of 2 teenage children, their friends and their loud late night music get to him and he looks forward to when he and his wife can enjoy their home together. Another pull but he is now struggling to keep his job and looks forward to his retirement. He pulls again and finds he has retired but is now facing major heart surgery. Anxious to find out what happens he pulls one more time and finds himself in the dark and surrounded by a wooden box.

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