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Reviewing a Life

The old man sat reviewing his life, he had lived too long, you weren’t supposed to go to your children’s funerals and he had been to all three of his.
Ill health had exhausted his savings, he was dependent on others for almost everything. In his despondency he felt he had wasted his time here on earth. There was no one still alive who had benefited from his being alive.
A few thousand miles away a middle aged woman was telling her grandchild about a magical experience she’d had when she was young. She had been lost and was deeply upset. A middle aged man had sat down with her, comforted her and told her he would help her find her parents and that the feelings of sadness would pass.
He said to her “You know, in the end everything passes, nothing goes on for ever” Those words and the kindness with which they had been spoken had changed her life. They went on to change the life of her granddaughter as well.
You just never know the effect you have on others, so live as though it’s an important one.

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