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The Beautiful Ewe

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ewe who wanted to be more than just a sheep. Although she lived in peaceful mountains and ate delicious clover from verdant green pastures, she wanted more.
The word around the fold was there was a charismatic Ram speaking to neighboring herds that everyone was flocking to hear. (Yes, the herd had heard him speak, and the ewe wanted to, too. Wouldn’t you?) He spoke of unlimited possibility, thinking “different” and, yes, breaking from the herd and being an “Individual.” Many sheep were shunning him because of these controversial views, but the ewe felt a tingling and excitement she had never experienced before. The ewe knew she had to take action.
She hitched a ride on a passing hay wagon (probably by calling out, “Hey, wagon!”) and traveled far and wide until she found where he was appearing. She pushed her way to the front and listened with rapt attention.
The Ram told stories of far away places and distant times, and lessons passed down from “the great pair-a-bulls.” As he spoke the ewe closed her eyes and imagined herself in those far away places and living those daring adventures. Time seemed to stand still and yet flew by at the same time.
When she finally opened her eyes, she was back in her own field as if nothing had happened, and yet the whole world had changed. She wondered; had all been a dream? She told herself that she was destined for greatness, and decided to find a mentor that would allow her to learn powerful strategies for communicating with others.

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