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An Unenjoyable Job

The therapist drove to his office on a Monday morning feeling the burden of his work weighing heavily on him. The week before had been particularly tiring and he knew his diary was full for today and for the early part of the week ahead. With a heavy heart he stopped to buy petrol and as he went to pay the attendant gave him a cheery smile and wished him a good day. He drove on reflecting that in that one simple gesture the man at the garage might have made as much difference as he did to his clients in an hour of therapy. Suddenly a simple job involving routine but friendly contact with people seemed very attractive.
He arrived at his office thinking about the lack of purpose in his life to find his first appointment was a new client for a first session.
To his standard first question of “How can I help?” came the reply, “Well, I think I’m wasting my life, I serve people in a garage and I can’t stand the monotony and lack of human contact”

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