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Painting a Car

Sometimes we wonder how people re-act in some circumstances. We even got angry because they won’t listen to us no matter what we say.
People just stick to their beliefs, we can not blame them; unless we get into one’s shoes , it is only then we can comprehend why ” one ” acts the way they are. Self limiting belief is a complicated and difficult aspect of person’s personality.
It is so easy to say , ” Ok, I’ll change ! Promise. … ” consciously this might be possible, but unless one understand and accept the reason of changing subconsciously, Changes will always remain superficial which means the person has the tendency to go back to its former beliefs , habits and understanding.
It is like painting an old car with new paint. If you apply the new paint on top of the old paint , the ” car will become new and beautiful, but not long enough to remain that way .
Why? because it didn’t go to process of painting.
In time the superficial paint will wear-off and expose the original color of the car.
Whereas , A professional car painter, will first remove the old paint , repair old dents by applying coat etc , buffer it and apply the new paint.  After all the process is done, the car is good as new.
It is the same with a person. Unless we go deeper and extract the root cause of how and why the person acts the way way they are in present , it is impossible to alter personality or whatever they wanted to change in their life.

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