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Years ago I tried to write a paragraph of explanation … I have forgotten what it concerned. Some time after I wrote that paragraph I found it unsatisfactory because it didn’t express the meaning I wanted to express. So one day I have two hours free, I said, ‘I think I’ll just lean back and go into a trance.’ About an hour and forty-five minutes later, here in my lap, was a box of comic books and on my desk were two piles of comic books. And a patient due very soon. I wondered why I had gone into a trance and looked through a box of comic books and why I’d leave two different piles of comic books on my desk. In anticipation of the patient, I put all the comic books back in the box, took them out into the other room. Came back and my patient arrived and I proceeded to interview the patient. And I forgot about that evidence of self-hypnosis and the discovery of a box of comic books in my lap. And one day I had some free time and I thought about writing that explanation and it was a little bit difficult for me. I picked up a pencil and it came into my mind ‘And Huey duck said to Louie duck . . .’ Then I realized—comic books appeal to all levels of intelligence and they do convey a lot of meaning. And comic books have to be precise and very clear and I wrote that explanation that I wanted to write with the greatest of ease. My unconscious had me examine comic books to get an awareness ,of conciseness and simplicity

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