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Review: The Origins of NLP

51hg4YTDSUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Origins of NLP is a wonderful insight into the madness and chaos and genius of early NLP. I think that anyone who is serious about NLP would get a lot out of it.
So much of what we teach as NLP now is a sanitized version and a fixed map of techniques. This book is a reminder of the beautiful mindset of curiosity and chaos and generativity that was actually going on in the territory of Santa Cruz in the 1970s.
The book has a great chapter by Frank Pucelik which is very informative about the beginnings of NLP. Pucelik has now been recognized as the third co-founder of NLP.
Much of the remainder of the book is written by John Grinder. Lots of interesting stuff, but it seems sometimes that Grinder’s editing hand was a bit strong.
Definitely worth a read if you are interested in where NLP came from.

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