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Review: Tad James' Trainers Collection

The Trainer’s Collection
Tad James
I have written previously about my admiration for Tad James’ ability to chunk NLP concepts appropriately to match the knowledge and experience of his readers/audience. He achieves the same result in this series of Audio programs which are based on his NLP Trainers Training program.
Tad James is probably the most influential trainer in NLP today apart from the original group of NLP people such as Grinder, Bandler, Dilts, Delozier etc. A search on the Internet for NLP processes will turn up many sites which present a process in the exact way that it is presented in Tad James’ training manuals. Much of this influence can be attributed to the long-term consistency and usefulness of his trainers’ training program, and allowing the trainers from his school to re-use his training materials. Of course, much of his wide-spread influence on thinking in NLP can also be attributed to his selling and marketing skills. He has a good product and he uses all of his knowledge and expertise in NLP and hypnosis to sell it effectively.
In this lengthy audio set, James covers a wide range of highly useful material including use of group trances, choosing demonstration subjects, making demonstrations, marketing of programs, using embedded multiple metaphors to engage the unconscious mind, and much much more. He teaches all of these concepts to both the conscious mind (through well-organized sequence of materials) and to the unconscious mind through trance, embedded suggestions, and embedded metaphors.
The series is recommended for anyone training NLP or thinking of doing so in the future. It is a long long listen that you will probably come back to more than once. It is available from this website.

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