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The Valley

When talking about hills and valleys,
most people speak of descending into the valley as a negative thing
as in “entering the valley of despair after a mountaintop experience.”
But as I walked down the last hill before I approached my apartment,
I realized that I expended less energy and was cooler that when I was walking at a higher elevation just a few minutes earlier.
I felt refreshed and renewed by my brief valley respite.
And as I got mentally prepared to climb the final hill
I realized that valleys have two types of transition
descending and ascending.
The time spent in the valley determines the nature of the transition into the next phase.
How do you spend your time in the valley?
Do you squander your time of rest?
Do you complain about the slower pace?
Or do you use the time to prepare, reflect, refine, retro fit, and retread?
The valley does not have to be a resting place for victims, it can be a place of preparation of victory.
Will you be ready to ascend?

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