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Looking at a Picture

When you LOOK at a problem you look at it in ALL possible ways. I was in Mexico City visiting a dentist there. He told me his wife was an artist. She denied it and he insisted she WAS. I thought she was self-effacing. I asked to see some of her sketches. And, she brought out her sketches . . . and there was an unusual scroll along the border of each picture. And very nice sketches of faces, flowers, animals and so on. And I picked up the picture and looked at it. I turned and looked at it this way, I looked at it this way, (turning the picture at all angles), I turned and looked at it THIS way. I took a little piece of paper and tore a hole in it about the size of my fingernail, and laid it down on the ornamental border and asked the dentist, “Look”. He said, “My word, there is a FACE there.” I moved it along and there was ANOTHER face. Sitting in that border were hundreds of faces in every one of her sketches. Her unconscious had put them there, I had been willing to discover them there. She is now an outstanding artist and runs an art gallery in the City of Mexico.

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