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Two kids sitting at the table.  Mother asks the older one “I have 2 bowls of ice cream.  One chocolate, one vanilla.  Which one do you want.” The older one looks at both bowls, and says “I want the vanilla.” So the mother gives the older boy vanilla and the one remaining, the chocolate, she gives to the younger boy.
The 2 kids start eating the ice cream and the younger boy is just shoveling the chocolate ice cream in his mouth as he exclaims “This ice cream is soooo good!”  The older boy takes a bite of his vanilla – yep vanilla, and notices the younger brother so happily enjoying his ice cream, he starts to complain “I wanted the chocolate.  I mistook, I don’t really want vanilla.”  But he continues to eat it.  All the while noticing the younger brother enjoying each scoop of his chocolate.  The older brother complaining with each scoop of his vanilla.  Each bite he would mumble, a phrase” I don’t want this.” Or ” I want the vanilla” Or “This is isn’t fair.”  Finally the older brother looks down at his last bite of ice cream totally dissatisfied and frowning  and says “ah, my ice cream is all gone. I want more. But I don’t want vanilla, I want chocolate.”

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