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Music at JALT 2015

12274505_10153646297700631_907389530697514805_nSarah and I played at the Best of JALT event again this year. It was lovely to be back at the conference again and to see so many familiar faces. For those who don’t know, JALT stands for Japan Association forĀ Language Teaching, and I have played music at various events there since about 1995. Wow, 20 years!
In this image of us on stage in Shizuoka, there was actually a big blank screen behind us while we played. I couldn’t resist adding the text later on when I saw it.
That reminds me of a visit to a church somewhere in Donegal, Ireland a few years ago. Like many churches, there was a small graveyard attached. We walked back to the car through the graveyard and I saw a gravestone with the name and dateĀ of the deceased. Just below those details was carved in big letters: “Johnson Fine Wines and Beers, Main Street”. Never miss an opportunity to advertise, especially in a graveyard!
Next year’s JALT conference is going to be held in Nagoya and it coincides with the opening weekend of my musical, Jukebox Paradise. I won’t be able to play at the conference, so I hope lots of JALT folks can come along to the show!

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