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Exploring L2 Creativity book

I finally got around to publishing my PhD thesis as an e-book in the Amazon store. You can purchase a copy here. Considering that it took 6 years to write, the price of about $9 seems fairly cheap. And it is a surprisingly good read.
The topic of research is non-native-speakers songwriters who are writing in English and the 450 pages of the thesis examine this fun and complex process in lots of different ways.
Don’t expect Dan Brown, but as academic research goes, this is probably one of the most readable tomes that you will ever come across.
I read it properly myself again recently for the first time in a few years and enjoyed it (nice bit of subjective bias, but completely true!). The book also has lots of cute drawings by Hanae Ide which helped me to metaphorically explore some of the themes in the songwriting research.
I would recommend reading this using the Kindle app on an iPad or on a computer. The layout makes it uncomfortably small to read on a smart phone or even a Kindle paperwhite.
Enjoy the book, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. It was a great bit of research and I’m getting rather nostalgic for the field. In a year or so, I think that I might do a workbook for songwriters based on the research and other useful techniques.

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